With Vidahost Computer Technologies, you’ll have access to a very user–friendly site creator. It is extremely plain to use and it offers a dashboard that is going to be immediately recognizable to everybody who has ever worked with an admin portal. The site creator has an array of eye–catchy site themes which you can edit with a click and launch a website as you want. Plus, to top it all off, each website template is responsive, so your new website will look really good on phones, tablets and computers from the start.

The site creator is a component of the Vidahost Computer Technologies Control Panel, available with all shared hosting, VPS servers, semi-dedicated servers, and dedicated servers packages.

An easy to navigate site creator

No programming skills are required

The key highlight of the Vidahost Computer Technologies’s site creator is that it is truly easy to get the hang of. It uses layout blocks which you can add, customize and re–order as you want. At any moment, you are able to add photos and videos, start a diary, or install an e–shop on your site, all with a mouse click.

You can do all that and create a good–looking website without the need to type even a single line of PHP, HTML or MySQL, etc.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A collection of easy–to–customize site designs

Cool themes that look great on any type of device

To make an enticing website, you will need a stable infrastructure. For this reason, the Vidahost Computer Technologies’s site creator features a large selection of distinctive design templates, ideal for any kind of site – personal profiles, online stores, community portals, and so on.

Each site theme is simple–to–customize, with lots of layouts, unique color options and integrated support for well over a hundred web fonts. You could change every one of these options with just a click of the mouse. Plus, if at any time you decide to change your site theme and select a new one, all customizations you have implemented will be moved over automatically.

A collection of easy–to–customize site designs

Built–in help area and step–by–step videos

Watch just how simple it indeed is to jumpstart a web presence

If you need any sort of guidance using the Vidahost Computer Technologies’s site creator, there are a number of how–to articles and video tutorials that are inspired by the most regularly asked questions.

Using them, you can get to know how to tweak your current template, how to add new pages to a site or even how to add a blog.

In case you can’t discover the answer there, you can always make contact with us. We are available to you anytime and we attend to all support tickets in less than an hour, guaranteed.

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